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How the Internet disrupted Advertising and how it never recovered.

Think about it ...from the '50 to the 2000's , the phone books and the newspaper had a monopoly on the service related businesses. No one in their right mind would name their company A-1 unless you had too ! The Phone Book messed up by not getting a better hold and lost it ! Old thinkers , New Terrain. Really, its the new Old West. The problem is that their is no faith in marketing on the internet ! It's a hard delivery, Integrity. Truthfully SEO blew out before it could begin.

The Meltdown I saw was 2010 , Apple came in '08 and Android didn't show up till 12-13, Makeshift SEO companies were baiting the service related industry like a bunch of bad mechanics, now WE are officially worse than the Mechanic.Uphill from the get go, but a Holy Grail glow in some aspect! I Worked at (2) SEO companies and the phone book after '08 Recession.I was a Loan Officer that had to do something when the machine buckled.

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